Monday, April 18, 2011

irony of the Indian cricket team

The Indian cricket team is being sent on the mission-Pakistan by the Sonia Gandhi-led UPA govt. under the goodwill gesture and to reopen the dialogue over 9/11 massacre. I always think what sonia gandhi is upto, thinking all the non-sense she can. 

The Indian cricket team (even the Indian mass) is not at all feeling enthusiastic (except Yuvraj Singh who said it does not matter as his only job is to play and he will do it irrespective of the place and people) about its forthcoming Pakistan trip due to We-all-know-why. I fully support the Indian team and salute their spirit (except Yuvraj Singh). I am sure and think that Sonia Gandhi has no right to decide what the Indian cricket team should do and where should it go to play. The existing government in its awful political spirit is ruining the country and making it a worst game to play.

I only have to say that not just cricket, all the games should be kept separated from the dirty politics. Keep them safe and away from politics.