Sunday, December 12, 2010

Is Sachin the Greatest Player in the HIsotry?

Hi friends,

i recently visited a website's page on which i found great comments about Sachin Tendulkar's game, dedication, and history among other things. When it comes to cricket, Sachin tops the list of most successful players in the hisotry and the present. There are some people in India who have begun to criticize Sachin b'se they think that by admiring him we are promoting the game 'cricket' in the country and downsizing other games. Well it's not true at all, people who have done a great job in the past and who are currently performing extraordinarily in other games are equally given the same great importance. Sachin is the only Indian player who has broken all the great and unthinkable records in the world. He has the cleanest image of all other players. Moreover, he never got into any kind of issues so far. It is fairly true for other sportspersons such as vijender singh and saina nehwal among others, but they don't stand any near to Sachin. He has the history of great records, outstanding dedication, and extraordinary professionalism which is yet to come out of other players. So Sachin has always been and would remain the greatest player not only in India but across the world too!! We love you Sachin

Friday, December 3, 2010


Well, I don't know where to start from, but like every Indian I also dreamt of changing my country into a complete blissful place to live and helping it emerge as a global power on the world map. Since my childhood I was quite sure of doing what I wanted to do to help my country become a supreme global power. However, as I grew up, dreams started fading up due to widely spread corruption, weak law & order, rising crime, growing racism and castism among other things. I would say that i gave up completely and started thinking about my family and own interests. I mean i grew self centered. Well I think that must have happened with people who were quite like me or atleast thought about doing something in order to make theri country happy.

That's all for today, there is more to say as Indianism never fades, other things could ofcourse!