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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy B'day Kasab!!!!!!!!!! Just now heard the blast of your CELEBRATION in Mumbai. You can continue to be our guest.....India loves you!! Atithi Devobhava!! your stay expenses are on us...Your lawyer is free... U are more secured than rest of the 99% Indians and foreigners (1% are politicians). the Indian govt. promise to interrogate you as long as you live and breathe....Bharat Bapu (ahimsa) ka desh hai...This is for the people who vote to elect a hopeless govt. like this. They should be ashamed over their act for electing such govt. Kindly forward this message to as many people as you can...........

Monday, July 4, 2011

Another Murder in the CIty of Entertainment

justice has been denied. justice was hurried, worried, and delayed by the Mumbai court. These are a few excerpts that I could note down from the live discussion held yesterday on Neeraj Grover's murder on NDTV 24x7's show. Amongst all who were presented on the show were Barkha Dutt, the eminent news anchor, late. Neeraj Grover's parents, Neelam Katara (the mother of slain Nitish Katara, again a brutal murder story), Suhail Seth, Mahesh Bhatt, a panel of lawyers, and of course the audience.  For those who don't know what this is all about, it is about Neeraj Grover, a TV executive, who was murdered brutally by Maria Susairaj and her fiance Emile Jerome, a naval officer, in 2008. Adding to the brutality, the body was cut into 300 pieces, stuffed into bags, and then set on fire by both the culprits. Emile Jerome was sentenced 10 years in prison for committing the culpable homicide not amounting to murder and his accomplice Maria was sentenced only 3 years in prison for destroying the evidences.

There was rage amongst all of the people presented on the show (it's across the entire country) after Maria Susairaj was finally let off after serving just 3 years in the jail. What a punishment for a heinous crime? People like Maria are out there in this world to destroy and kill anything or anyone that they find is not entertaining anymore. Pity on the Mumbai court judges and on their judgement that let a criminal Scot free so that she can roam around and threaten and claim life of people like Neeraj Grover. Shame on Mumbai court judges and their judgement. Neeraj Grover's parents have decided to appeal in the Mumbai high court to challenge the old verdict and bring Maria Susairaj back behind the bars. All the luck to Neeraj Grover's parents. The country stands by you in the pain you are suffering from, so please don't feel alone.